The lastest version of EKA2L1 has added support for 32-bit Android platform. Please proceed to download the APK as usual in Download section.

Please take note:

  • At the moment, only S60v3 and S60v1 apps are supported.
  • Not all 32-bit Android devices can run the emulator, although the expected specs are quite low. Please check the minimum requirements for Android at Quickstart page.

It’s recommended to use CPU-Z to get your phone statistics and compare it with minimum requirements.

Some small notes

Previously, the support was absent because there was no ARM CPU emulator present that support the 32-bit ARM architecture.

The CPU emulator we are using (Dynarmic) currently on support 64-bit ARM (AArch64) and x86_64 architecture. We recently write our own CPU emulator, it’s not the most optimised, but it seems to perform decently.