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Where to start

You just found out the emulator and want to play games or launch apps you have used before, but clueless on where to start. Here is a navigation page that should answer your questions.

N-Gage users

The majority of crowd who comes to here want to try out the N-Gage or re-experience it. There's a dedicated N-Gage page for you to get started.

N-Gage (2.0) users

Unlike the N-Gage, N-Gage 2.0 is actually a game service, that is ran on a normal Nokia phones like N95, 5320 Express Music, N82, ... Those devices are powered by Symbian OS like the original N-Gage too, just that those phone use a much more morden version of the OS (S60v3 phones).

People are often confused on how to install this service, so there is too a page dedicated to N-Gage (2.0).

I'm an experienced Symbian users. But I still don't know what to do

EKA2L1 needs files from a real phone to emulate that phone's operating system and UI. So first of all, you need to install a device's files, or in EKA2L1, we call it install a device.

Head to the Install a device page first to get started. Then you can go to Install apps page to install your apps/games and get going!